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Dancing the Passage of Death

Inviting awareness to the passage of our own death helps us awaken to the precious nature of our lives. Contemplating death initiates us into an intimate and life-giving exploration of our humanity, from the continual transitions of each moment of life dissolving and reshaping into the next, to the changes we undergo as we progress from one season of life to another, to the certainty of our last breath. 

We invite you to join us for an embodied exploration themed on the dying season (Autumn). Charlotte James, Victoria Maria Moyer, and Geoff Cox will facilitate an afternoon of imagining and inquiring into the inevitability of our own death individually and collectively through somatic meditations, expressive arts, Butoh-inspired movement invitations, nature-connected reflections and dialogue. Embodied contemplation deepens our relationship with the wisdom of our bodies and reminds us that our bodies know how to live our dying. We intend to hold a welcoming space for any range of feelings and responses that may arise, perhaps ones you haven’t been able to openly share in other societal contexts.

Where: A private home in Afton, VA, 30 minutes from Charlottesville. We will make use of our indoor gathering space as well as outdoor spaces, which include mowed areas, woods, meadow, and creek. 

When: Saturday October 29th, 2022. 2pm-6pm.

Maximum capacity is 12 humans, so please register early to secure your spot by emailing Once registered, we will send out reminders closer to the day with a list of things to bring. NOTE: If you are interested in attending but aren’t sure if it is the right fit for you, please reach out to any of the facilitators (see contact info below).

Donations are welcomed and may be offered via cash on the day-of or by venmo-ing to @Victoria-Maria-Maria

Facilitator Info and Emails:

Charlotte James BA, CPCC, LMT, HeartSprings, Somatic Integrative Arts; Expressive Arts, Coaching & Bodywork. Email:

Victoria Maria Moyer Eco-somatic Researcher and Therapeutic Facilitator E-mail:

Geoff Cox Facilitator, Coach, Somatic Bodyworker, & Acupuncturist. Learn more at:

Making & Moving Somatic Support

Beltane New Moon Ceremony

​​April 30th, 2022. Outdoors in Airville, PA.

Join Jenny Rivers for a special outdoor Susquehanna Red Tent Ceremony with this month’s guest Victoria Maria Moyer. These gatherings will be held every six weeks, at the eight major turns of the cycle of the solar year: The Solstices, Equinoxes, as well as the four mid-way points of Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain. 

​Beltane, which translates to “bright fire” signals the dawn of Summer and the visible and real return of life and fertility to the Earth. It’s a time of celebrating the warmth and life-affirming qualities of the sun and the simple joy of being alive.

​This month we will celebrate by gathering outdoors around a fire where we can bask in the warmth of the fire, connect more deeply with the earth and move out any stagnant residual wintertime energies as we fully embrace the light of Summer. We will be graced with the presence of Victoria Maria Moyer, whose passion lies in eco-somatics: the practice of inhabiting the inseparable connection between earth and body. Victoria will offer guided intuitive movement practices to re-awaken us to our inherent bond with the rhythms of the earth.

Click here for more details and to register