Dance, Plants, Place: Connecting Herbalism, Ecology, and Somatic Movement Practices


an immersive laboratory/workshop facilitated by Meg Madden and Victoria Moyer in Afton VA and nearby field trip sites.  More details and registration links soon! 

Staunton Mall Memorial

Join us for a collective memorial of the Staunton Colonial Mall, where commemoration and composting of culture can go hand in hand. An evening program will include dance and sound performances, sculptural and visual artworks, historical and contemporary video footage, and an open-mic session for sharing your personal mall memories. 

Curated by local art collective, Liminal Lot, to build community networks and support structures for shared emotional experiences, informed citizen consent, and locally-driven ideas for development of shared space. 

Saturday May 18 5-9pm

Live performances at 6pm and 8pm

Open-mic at 6:30pm and 8:30pm

SolArt Center 

6 Byers St