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of Subterranean Sensations

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What does “Body Metta Spore” mean?

A mettaspore is a metaphor for the mystery of life on this planet.

Metta: the Pali word for loving-kindness.

Spores: the trillions of tiny migrating mycological DNA-containing reproductive specks often invisibly and strangely supporting ecological balance.

These merge to illuminate the interconnected relationship of all that is above, below, around, and present and within. Our body is the medium of sensation and experience on Earth, grounding us into self-knowledge and tactile relationship with all of life and landscape. Spirit is beyond flesh, yet it seems that embodied experience is at the crux of human learning. My work in the world brings together embodied practices (both art-oriented and therapeutic) and environmental inquiry in the service of regeneration, love, play, and truth.

Sometimes my doings are visible to the eye, like flowers or fruiting bodies of fungi, yet at other times engaging in more hidden worlds of connectivity and communication, like mycelium or endophytes. I hope to meet you in a place where we

dance in the cycles and spirals, gusts of

mettaspores connecting terrestrial flesh and space,

breath, ground, and grace.

Service is but Magic

Moving through the world

And mind itself is Magic

Coursing through the flesh

And flesh itself is Magic

Dancing on a clock

And time itself the magic length of God.

_ _ _ _ _

(“God is Alive, Magick is Afoot,” as sung by Buffy Sainte-Marie)

A meandering and non-definite definition of Ecosomatics Ecosomatics is... A word that points to inseparability. Just like we may use

Sketches on this page were created by Pomona Za, except for the title lettering which was created by Jeff Giarrusso